NCTRACE Version5

OutlineThey are utiilty software, such as drawing of NC data, conversion, an inspection, measurement,
               and management.
              There is also a function for creating NC data easily, and I am very conveniently soft.
               Every day, it is software which solves the far and near demand which deals with NC data.
                I am also preparing the trial version.
  • A machining center, a lathe, a wire cut, and NC data drawing of a turning are possible.
  • It is an input, checking the item of a long argument. (Program cycle, User Macro (User task ), and additional edit are possible)
  • Edit and drawing of NC macro program
  • From DXF data to NC data conversion
  • I change into DXF data the tool locus which drew by NC data.
  • Creation of NC data of half two axes which uses a NCAPT language, creation of lathe virtual edge-of-a-blade data
  • The inspection of NC data formats, such as a pear check
  • Reception of RS232C communication, a transmitting function
  • Tablet input function
  • Printing of a tool locus, and the output to XY-P

Leaflet of NctraceV5